The Letter A

Tuesday Morning Check-in:

Working on- Promoting my book!
Drinking- Tea, black
Listening to- The wind outside my window and some grackles stealing food from little song birds at the feeder.

flora and the fern

Flora and the Fern is a hand lettered book.

SCAN0179 Words in script are different from the main font add emphasis and movement to the story.

The main font was written out on paper and transformed into a usable font. It took about two full days to complete. I tried typing in an already existing font, but it felt like my story was missing character. I knew a unique hand made font was the way to go, but I wasn’t sure mine was perfect (especially having taken typography courses in college). One thing that bothered me about my font was that the letter A was skinnier than every other letter, which you may not have noticed (and now you probably will). I was stressing over whether to re-develop my font or not, then my mom told me a story about her grandfather. She said when he used his typewriter a few of…

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Thursday afternoon check-in

Wowo, it has been a long time since posting. I have been so busy working on completing my (post apocalyptic) children’s book!

Current mood: Accomplished

Listening to: Bastille (no surprise here) –“Poet”,

I can’t say the words out loud,
So in a rhyme I wrote you down.
Now you’ll live through the ages,
I can feel your pulse in the pages.

I have written you down
Now you will live forever

A fitting song for how I feel about my story, Flora and the Fern

Drinking: Too  much coffee and shaking! It’s been all green tea lately so this switch is a shock for my body.

 SCAN0082 coming soon!

Flora and the Fern Monday morning check-in

When I came to England I wasn’t exactly sure what I would do for an entire 3 months of being unemployed. I came up with the idea back in August that I would write a children’s book. And now, my self imposed deadline is this Friday. (My last day of being a young unwrinkled beautiful 25 year old<<quarter life crisis?) It’s been so great writing and hopefully this story will inspire many, or at least one.

My post apocalyptic children’s book mood board. It has changed over time, but here’s where I began (kinda sorta)flora and the faun mood board

My story is all about coming back to loving nature for what it is and understanding its importance.

This week I will be finishing all of my sketching and compiling the story along with final edits. Then a little holiday break and after new year will submit to publishers in hopes of being noticed. Any advice on getting published is welcomed.

Caffeine Tour of Sheffield

Let me start off by saying, I can never finish a cup of coffee, if I can’t find a corner to sit in I feel uncomfortable… I am not a coffee pro by any means. If I’m honest, I’m not sure I actually like coffee at all (mostly because of the effect it has on my stomach). I have an odd hobby/obsession/current ‘profession’ of going to coffee shops. I even had the opportunity to work at an espresso bar in Seattle last summer. Anyhow, I’m currently unemployed and a tourist here in Sheffield for the next 2 months, so I’m working my way around different cafe’s to develop my art portfolio and a few other things.  Thought it might be fun to do little reviews of these unique places. Sad I missed out a few years back when I spent all my time in cafe Nero.

Some creations by me at Jibe:

Processed with VSCOcam Screenshot_2014-11-07-13-29-57 Screenshot_2014-11-07-13-30-19 Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Steamyard Coffee Co was my first glimpse into Sheffield coffee life last May, and probably still my favorite. Whenever I go I tend to feel pretty badass, and although the guys behind the marzocco have tough exteriors, they are always so friendly. They always come out with beautifully effortless coffee presentations that taste perfect too. I was drawn there originally by the hand painted lettering pointing you in. There is always good music playing, and if you don’t go during the lunch rush you can probably find a seat. I finally made my way down for breakfast the other weekend and was not disappointed by the bagel with gherkins.

Processed with VSCOcam Processed with VSCOcam 20141031_145515

Ink + Water– These were the second guys I found in Sheffield, via instagram. They have a really simple stunning interior and, for real, an amazing flat white. I haven’t had a chance to go back, so I’m short on information and will update soon.

20141023_135244 20141023_135325 20141023_135550

Upshot Espresso– which I believe has been there for awhile, but in the past I did not feel kewl enough to enter. Now I have a fringe, so things are great. They have delicious things like aeropress, pour over coffee and peanut butter brownies to die for. As well as hip music and some ace feng shui. (I heard the guy there say ace once, so I’m now using the word ace.)


Tamper  (near west street)- At first felt cramped and small, but that became part of it’s charm. A warm cozy wood setting and a bold Americano. The late afternoon condensation on the window helped with the view of Nandos. The tamper on Arundelgate had a completely different feel, more lively and inspiring. Full of plants and paintings on the wall.That did not distract them from making superb coffee though.

20141029_153828 20141031_134325

Cocoa Wonderland– A  change of pace from the typical cafe. They specialize in chocolate and it definitely shows. You walk in to the divine smell of cocoa cooking and are hit with a bunch of eye candy. Truffles, marshmallow cups, bars with the prettiest packaging and some really nice ladies. Their taste in music is so jazzy and I felt like I was at home (or what I would like to be my home). Upstairs was a room with pillows where you could just relax, downstairs there was more atmosphere and you could even see the girls making the chocolate. I only tried their teas, which were fragrant and amazing. Saving their “thick” hot chocolate for a birthday treat, because I’m sure it’s better than cake.

20141106_114556(0) 20141106_124322 20141106_113615

Interval- A student pub/cafe. Since I have not had Cocoa’s hot chocolate yet, I will still say they have the best hot chocolate in the land. Interval also has a changing menu throughout the day with substantial, affordable meals or beer if you are looking for a change of pace/had too much coffee already.

Processed with VSCOcam

Way better pics can be found in the links of each cafe. I would definitely recommend going to any of these if you find the time and depending on your mood. There are still a few more places on my list, feel free to make suggestions below. I will leave you with some shameless self promotion of work I’ve created this past year in many different cafes. If you’re interested in any of my work, shoot me an email. documentingsunshine(at)gmail(dot)com, as my Etsy is currently on holiday.

IMG_2719 (2) IMG_2732 (2) IMG_2736 (2)


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