Bits and Pieces of the weekend

2014-01-24 09.21.35 2014-01-25 14.40.01 2014-01-25 14.40.08 2014-01-25 14.56.16 2014-01-25 14.59.11 2014-01-26 14.06.33

1. Treating myself to a cold Java Chip because it was sunny in Seattle

2. Sunshine welcome to Snoqualmie Falls*

3. The falls, used to create hydroelectric power

4. Hipster parents off the path.

5. Interpretative sign. This park had a lot of great informational signs, but I seemed to be the only one stopping to read them!

6. New baby plants outside my window, hoping they are tulips!

*I had originally planned on writing a hike review, but it didn’t turn out to be a typical hike. Instead, a place where I’m glad so many people were. I work at a mall and always feel upset when parking lots are full and wish people would get outside. The Snoqualmie parking lot was almost completely full and there were crowds everywhere (I enjoy hikes where it’s just me and the trail). I realized this place was perfect for families to go to get their kids into nature, possibly learn, or just be outside. I’m glad all these folks weren’t out on trails like Mount Washington, which I’ll write a review for at some point, but they weren’t at the mall, which makes me feel hopeful about our future. Places like Snoqualmie falls have so many opportunities to teach people about stewardship and the importance of our natural resources. And hopefully the children will want to grow up to preserve places like this and ones that are less visited, but definitely just as important.

Happy Monday everyone!


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