England; an intro to tea

January 2012 was my first trip to England. I literally had no expectations. This left for lots of room for me to be amazed.

If there was only one thing I learned this trip, it was how to drink a cuppa. Cup of tea that is. I had never liked tea before, but by the end of my trip I was transformed. I had at least 17 different photos of me drinking tea out of the dozens of cups I let warm and awaken my soul.


you get the picture…

There’s something about a cup of tea that makes any situation better. Every household you visited the first thing they asked was, “cup of tea?” At almost no cost to the host, it is the perfect way to welcome a guest into your home. It cures a horrible hangover (just kidding it doesn’t, but it goes down smooth). It warms you up after a cold day out walking on the rolling british hills. It also goes GREAT with biscuits. Hob nobs, digestives, rocky bars, bourbons, in that order, are the greatest inventions on earth, chocolaty, crunchy goodness that compliment any cup of tea. If you have never had these, go to the UK as soon as you can. If you cannot, go to an international isle and pick up a pack, you will thank yourself. I have had many other adventures in the UK, but that will be saved for another Thursday.


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