Point No Point, a day Adventure from Seattle

point no point


view from the ferry

mount rainier over seattle

birds on the shore



1. Cormorants perched in the foreground of Mount Baker.

2. The Edmonds ferry to Kingston. A $30 round trip got me front row views. Step outside even when it’s windy and keep your eyes open, you may see a whale. I saw a gray whale breaching as we were departing back to Edmonds at 2:30, unfortunately I wasn’t able to capture it. It was a spectacular thing to see.

3. My view of the Olympics for a half hour.

4. Mount Rainier over Seattle in the far off distance.

5. A view from Point no point of the Cascade mountains from the beach. Look closer at the shore, what at first looks like waves are actually gulls.

6. Point no point lighthouse.

7. A photo I like to call “Perspective”. A close up boulder and waves with a tiny silhouette of Seattle in the background, with (if you can see the shadow) a giant Mount Rainier making us all feel so small.


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