I really miss you, but I really love not shaving

long distance

When you’re in a long distance relationship on valentine’s day it can be confusing, and hard (as per usual). You fall somewhere on the line between the protesters who where black and the couples who make you want to vomit when you’re out trying to eat a massive burrito. You feel a sort of sadness because you are apart from your significant other on the day of chocolate hearts and cherry tarts, but you also know you can’t really complain because you are, without a doubt, in love.

1. Send little things. Any kind of snail mail is always important in long distance, it means a lot more than a text or an email and the other person has a little piece of you they can physically touch. I love getting letters from Tom because his horrible hand writing makes me laugh and he adds in fun drawings of our adventures that mean more than anything else, and I also laugh at.

2014-02-01 20.16.47 2014-02-05 08.50.26

2. Go on a date. A Skype date that is, setting up an official “date” feels a lot different than typical day to day conversations. Get out of your sweatshirt you’ve worn every night for a month now, make something to eat and have a beer/champagne/tea/coffee along with your honey to make it feel like you’re out together, maybe even shave. Kidding, dont.

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 20.41.11

(This was not a date, do not do things like science presentations on your valentines day date.)

3. Don’t buy them anything. Although things like candy and flowers are really nice, affording flights and getting groceries together is so much nicer. Instead of spending on shipping, surprise them with something while you are together and it will be more special because it was unexpected. Things only you will understand on chocolate is always a great idea, anything chocolate is a great idea, especially when it’s half off.


4. Get a Google doc. This is a shareable document that you can write messages instantly, make plans, write a bucketlist and share anything, in another form than messaging.


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