A thousand days

Today is the 1000th day of Tom and my relationship. It hasn’t all been easy, and we’ve both given up a lot, but it has been worth it. (so cliche) Here are some photos from our time together through our long distance.


First ever picture taken together on a camping trip in Michigan

P1000184 P1000434 P1000569 P1030328 P1030582 P1030661 P1030732 P1030972 P1040069 P1010541 P1010860 P1010953 P1040668 P1030150 P1030341 P1030406 P1000751 P1010288

We have spent a majority of our time across the world from each other, but we’ve been lucky and patient enough to get to go on a handful of cool adventures. If you are in a long distance relationship, communication and trust are so important. Remember the positives; keeping your independence, getting to travel to see each other and the whole being in love thing. I have saved up and get to go back to England in April. Any suggestions for places we should go together next?


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