Long Way: From the Arizona desert to the temperate Washington rainforest

This post is dedicated to, or inspired by my favorite singer/songwriter Antje Duvekot. I’ve seen her both in Michigan and Washington and she is so brilliant, she’s a beautiful singer and also pretty funny. Check her out if she’s playing near you

I drove across the country 4 times between 2011 and 2013 for different seasonal jobs, this trip being the second and taking about 7 days. I listened to the song Long Way each trip, and cried every damn time.  I learned that it is truly a long way, to (Michigan) and back. This particular trip I drove from Phoenix, AZ up Pacific Highway 1 to Orcas Island, Wa

_MG_1995 _MG_1998

“In the Arizona desert, the sky goes on forever, you’ve never seen a thing as grand”P1010314 P1010315

My first stop along the way was in Fullerton, CA. I met up with my friend Jenny who I had met previously on a European adventure. This girl is so unique, hilarious and another inspiring beautiful musician. She even took me to Disney Land, well, we stood in front of the signs. Good enough for me to count it on the old list.P1010339

“Out in California, we touched the other ocean, and I still have that jar of sand”

P1010368 P1010399P1010466

P1010474P1010468  P1010441  

Elephant Seals are the babes of the beaches without a doubt. They were so funny to watch and would move every 3 or 4 minutes with all of their effort and then collapse sprawled out, just catching some rays.P1010513 

At my original hostel in San Louis Obispo, I met this lady, Sara. She was from Switzerland and traveling all over the country by bus or train and had asked to hitch a ride with me up the coast. It was the best thing that could’ve happened for both of us, by bus she would’ve missed all of the coast ride and I wouldn’t have had anyone to talk to or makes stops with through the 90 mile stretch of Big Sur views and photo opportunities.


We stopped for lunch in Monterey at a place called Crystal Fish. Lawd have mercy, it was the best sushi I have ever had. I always tell Tom we have to go to Monterey, CA because there is word of an otter sanctuary, but secretly I just want to frequent this restaurant and die from a seafood overdose.


Back by myself, had to resort to self timers on top of rocks.


San Francisco was sunny for a few minutes, then the fog took over and the photos I have of the bridge don’t really exist.


So here is a picture of another bridge in California. A sun dial of sorts, makes for a dramatic stormy photo.


The Oregon Sea Lion Caves. A little family owned cave on the coast where you take an elevator down to a dark room with a view of these wild sea lions. They come in on their own and aren’t bothered by onlookers hidden up the rocks. It was a really cool unique experience and the owners were friendly. I left my car lights on and they were kind enough to have someone jump the battery for me out in the rain.

P1010592 P1010632

Multnomah Falls in the rain continuing my Pacific Northwest wet welcome.


My first ferry experience through the San Juans.

P1010682 P1010756

And it’s a long way to Washington and back 


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