Wednesday morning check-in

You know in 10 things I hate about you when Cameron finally gets in with Bianca and shouts “And I’m back in the game!” Thats kind of how I feel right now. Except for I didn’t just kiss a girl, and I’m not Joseph Gordon-Levitt .

Thinking about: Not giving up on my dreams no matter how hard things seem, or the fact that my computer always seems to run out of battery at the most discouraging time.

Drinking: Pot of tea for 1 from my old favourite, Coffee Revolution at the Sheffield student union. With dark chocolate digestives, of course.

Anticipating: The cheese and onion sandwich and crisps I’m going to have for lunch.

Planning: How to be productive while Tom is at work and I am my own time manager. Creating influential pieces of work whether to sell and/or blog about. Also planning trips Tom and I can take for the few weekends I am here.

Weather: Cloudy with a chance of creativity

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