The Letter A

Tuesday Morning Check-in:

Working on- Promoting my book!
Drinking- Tea, black
Listening to- The wind outside my window and some grackles stealing food from little song birds at the feeder.

flora and the fern

Flora and the Fern is a hand lettered book.

SCAN0179 Words in script are different from the main font add emphasis and movement to the story.

The main font was written out on paper and transformed into a usable font. It took about two full days to complete. I tried typing in an already existing font, but it felt like my story was missing character. I knew a unique hand made font was the way to go, but I wasn’t sure mine was perfect (especially having taken typography courses in college). One thing that bothered me about my font was that the letter A was skinnier than every other letter, which you may not have noticed (and now you probably will). I was stressing over whether to re-develop my font or not, then my mom told me a story about her grandfather. She said when he used his typewriter a few of…

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