Flora and the Fern Monday morning check-in

When I came to England I wasn’t exactly sure what I would do for an entire 3 months of being unemployed. I came up with the idea back in August that I would write a children’s book. And now, my self imposed deadline is this Friday. (My last day of being a young unwrinkled beautiful 25 year old<<quarter life crisis?) It’s been so great writing and hopefully this story will inspire many, or at least one.

My post apocalyptic children’s book mood board. It has changed over time, but here’s where I began (kinda sorta)flora and the faun mood board

My story is all about coming back to loving nature for what it is and understanding its importance.

This week I will be finishing all of my sketching and compiling the story along with final edits. Then a little holiday break and after new year will submit to publishers in hopes of being noticed. Any advice on getting published is welcomed.


Air, Mountains, Trees, People

air mountains trees people

Simply going outside to enjoy a sunset and knowing others are there to do the same can give you the best feeling.