Inspirational People

My goal is to interview friends, co workers and if I get the confidence, strangers, about what inspires them.

So far on my list:

Tom, he inspires me to climb higher and always question my surroundings, we’ll find out what inspires him in his scientific work. He might do a few guest posts on here as well.

Melissa, she inspires me to push to the limits of my energy and do crazy spontaneous things, and to smile. We’ll find out what inspires her in her animal and adventurous quests.

London, she inspires me to tell it like it is, be funny, and step into the unknown. We’ll learn what inspired her to quit her job and start her own business.

Devon, she inspires me to be my quirky self and not be afraid of what others think, also to MAKE things happen. We’ll find out from her about what inspires her in her endeavors and how she deals with life’s difficulties.

Jenny, she inspires me to “live yo dreams” “do what makes you happy”. We’ll hear (maybe literally) from her about her dreams to open a music centered museum from kids.

Sarah, she inspires me to keep being creative and work harder. We’ll see what she’s doing with her handlettering passions. I’m pretty sure in involves sweets!

Caroline, she inspires me to chill out and relax and work hard when it’s necessary. We’ll hear from her about river restoration and how she got where she is today.

Laura, she inspires me to be organized and calm and that working with other people in the right way is so important and effective. We’ll see how shes doing her last season as a director.

Allison, she inspires me to be nice, generous and always smiling. We’ll see how this bad ass is doing on the slopes and what inspires her in life.

That’s all for now, more to come, and hopefully some actual interviews in the works!!!!


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